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How to find or start a business opportunity or investment opportunity and avoid becoming a scam victim

To identify the most common scam and scam tactics to date when it comes to business and investing opportunities is the goal of this post. The secondary goal is to help you avoid becoming a scam victim so you do not fall victim to them. If you do not see the patterns mentioned here then the opportunity can be a very good tool.

Common scams

The first common scam would be a lot of fake or lack of review data. Most opportunities this data will be present but you must understand what you are seeing and looking at. Most in the opportunity arena hide their company name so you do not research the company to early and see fake news and follow such.

Second everything is a pyramid scheme even your job, so educate yourself on what is a legal versus illegal pyramid scheme so you speak with knowledge.

Do not fall for the send me $$$ and I will double it for you in an hour our join our company and do nothing and earn. This is a scam and a tough one to stop.

When it comes to insurance and securities based products and yes in many areas Cryptocurrency also known as digital currency is a securities based product know your rights for every stage of the investment process. If someone is managing your investment money they must be licensed and you have the right at any time to request their license and they must produce this. Failure to do so is a red flag and a compliance issue. If you manage your own investments and the company only provides education and tools/resources then only one person in the company must be licensed and no presentation must be made. Also, be cautious with promising the moon types within as these are generally scams.

If you spot a scam you can report it to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) but there is no promise you will recover anything you lost.

avoid being scammed


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