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CryptoCurrency, Forex, NFX


There are several currency forms of trading. We will discuss these in this post in more detail and help you to understand the different forms within also.


CryptoCurrency also known as digital currency has two main ways to invest. The first is to purchase an individual coin itself. In doing so you own so much of that coin like so much Bitcoin or Etherum. The other option is currency pair training. this would like like BTC-ETH. These forms of trading rarely if ever stop.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading is currency pair trading. This is trading more in Fiat currency forms like US Dollar to the Japanese Yen, and such. This market is only open when the stock exchanges are open. Forex is one of the first forms of trading around.

NFX Trading

NFX Trading is a form of Forex trading where you look for a currency pair to hit a certain point, which is your entry and you choose to stay in a short period of time, usually less than a minute to reap your gains.


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